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Plan B and me jumped 4 feet!!!!!   I can't wait to move to Kentuckty!



Emphasis on the "LAME"
My desktop computer is having a bad day. So now I've got to use my mothers computer which is a disaster. This computer should be destroyed!

(This would be my mothers computer^^^ )

Anyways, i've got great news bloggers. Within the next year my mom and I are saving up all of our money so we can move to Kentucky. The real estate is so cheap up there, a 4 bedroom house with 3 and a half bathrooms sitting on a beautiful 47 acres, all fenced in with a 4 stall barn is 140,000(to rent it is only 1,000). I love it! So i'm very excited about that; it doesn't even bother me much that I will be leaving my friends. If I live in Kentucky, I can go to UK and do whatever I could ever want to. I'll make new friends, and I could have more horses or even my own stable if we had enough land.
(I'm just fantasizing)

Okay, I'm done. I've got to go before all my typing gives this PC a meltdown and turns off on me. I'll keep y'all posted on my moving status. 
Chow dahling!

Is it me or is the atmosphere on fireeee?

I Think It's Me!

So I just got back from work,well...."temporary work place" ; it's actually quite amusing. One of the pregnant mares foaled a few weeks ago and threw a paint, filly; so cute, but she's a bitch! She already kicked me and two other workers. 
CCCCCCCant wait for school to start!
Anyways, that's it for now.

Keep reading for more updates on "Girl on the Move."
Peace all you bloggers!

Starting Fresh

 So, it's a new school year and it's going to be the best one yet. I'm talking new friends, old friends, new faces, old faces, no more school rodents and best of all the early bird's back in town. Yuhp, that's it! I love waking up early, it's the best. Give me an alarm clock set at 5AM, a granola bar and a glass of OJ and you've got one happy girl. 

 Anyway, I'm starting fresh this year. I'm going to make new friends; ones that don't judge you for having faith in God.
I'm going to work harder in school and study every night. I'm sure my teachers will be pleased with that. =D

 This is the plan:
I'm getting all "A's" on everything(i'm going to try)
I'm going to do community service to get more than 100 hours in for graduation.
I'm joining the Ecology Club and The American Red Cross Club to show universities that i'm "in to" my school.
I'm talking to a bunch of people at the horse race tracks, and hopefully I can get a job as an exercise rider(it's great money)
I'm going to do summer school the summer of 08'  so I can get all my credits in and graduate early.

Exciting right? Well, it is for me. That means my mom can finally move to Pennsylvania with her sister and I can get an apartment. This plan is going to work. I mean, it has to work, right? = /

Anyways, I'm going to go do some chores and help my mom with work. So for all you bloggers, don't be shy; comment, read, and most of all, enjoy.


OMG! and then we started making out on the bed!

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